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Committee: zz/4
Close date: 15/11/2018
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This PAS specifies requirements for stationary automated pneumatic waste collection systems.

This PAS is applicable to systems used for the automated pneumatic-based collection of solid mixed waste and recyclable waste, including source separation, from residential, commercial and medical environments.

This PAS includes guidance on methods for the testing, commissioning and safe operation of the system where 400 mm and 500 mm transport pipe is used as standard.

This PAS is for use by any developer, design consultant, system supplier, waste management supplier or installer of automated pneumatic waste collection systems.

NOTE The scope of PWC systems and their application is considered too wide to cover in a single PAS document and has therefore been limited to systems that have been used most frequently for solid mixed waste collection. Other PWC systems exist which include larger diameter pipe networks and smaller diameter pipe networks; the principles set out in this document may or may not be relevant to such systems, depending on design and system supplier.  There is also a much broader range of use for smaller diameter systems which could be incorporated into future documents.

This PAS does not cover:

a) collection of:

1) liquid waste;

NOTE Wastes including for example waste water, sewage sludge, industrial effluents.

2) commercial kitchen waste;

NOTE Segregated commercial kitchen waste only, excluded as there are special PWC systems to handle this type of waste more effectively.

3) medical waste;

b)            systems with transport pipe less than 400mm diameter, or more than 500mm diameter;

c)            hazardous environments;

d)            mobile automated pneumatic waste collection systems;

e)            laundry collection systems; or

f)             waste chutes.

NOTE BS 1703 gives requirements for waste chutes.