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Committee: ZZ/3
Origin: BSI
Close date: 04/05/2018
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This PAS sets out the fundamental principles for the provision and maintenance of cyber security in relation to reducing threat and harm to products, services and systems within increasingly connected and collaborative intelligent transport eco-systems.  The concept of a vehicle ecosystem encompasses the vehicles, road-side and remote systems that provide services to the vehicles, their occupants and cargo, as well as the human elements including vehicle owners and/or users, designers, manufacturers and service providers.

This PAS is applicable to the security and functional safety aspects of the entire automotive development and use life cycle, including specification, design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, configuration, production, operation, servicing and decommissioning. A lifecycle approach is required to address the risks arising from the constantly changing threat landscape, so as to protect vehicles and vehicle-related systems once they have been delivered to the market.

This PAS is intended for use by vehicle manufacturers, Tier-1 and Tier-2 supply chain suppliers, authorized service centres, aftermarket suppliers and service providers both to the vehicle and to its occupants and/or cargo. It can also be informative for other stakeholders of the automotive supply chain and the users of automotive vehicles.

Reviewers requiring a pdf. copy of this draft PAS to assist them in undertaking that review, should contact the project manager  brian.such@bsigroup.com