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Number:ISO 18229
Committee:ISO/TC 85/SC 6/WG 3
Review published:20 Dec 2016
Review end date:31 Mar 2017
No. of comments:0
Draft Scope:

This International Standard defines the essential technical requirements that must be addressed in the process of design and construction of Generation IV (GEN IV) nuclear reactors. It does not address operation, maintenance and in-service inspection of reactors.

Six reactor concepts are considered for GEN IV:

The Sodium Fast Reactor, The Lead Fast Reactor, The Gas Fast Reactor, The Very High Temperature Reactor, The SuperCritical Water Reactor and the Molten Salt Reactor.

Annex A details the main characteristics for the different concepts.

The scope of application of the standard is limited to mechanical components related to nuclear safety and to the prevention of the release of radioactive materials:

—    that are considered to be important in terms of nuclear safety and operability, and

—    that play a role in ensuring leaktightness, partitioning, guiding, securing and supporting,

—    that contain and/or are in contact with fluids (such as vessels, pumps, valves, pipes, bellows, box structures, heat exchangers, handling and driving mechanisms).

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