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Number:BS 6172
Committee name:Gas installations (1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases)
Review published:14 Feb 2017
Review end date:17 Apr 2017
No. of comments:0
Draft Scope:

This British Standard specifies requirements for the installation (see Note 1), servicing and maintenance of new, previously used and second hand domestic gas-fired cooking appliances in domestic, commercial and industrial premises (see Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4), including educational establishments.

It is applicable to gas cooking appliances conforming to BS EN 30-1-1, BS EN 30-1-2, BS EN 30-1-3 and BS EN 30-2-2, or to BS 5386-3 or BS 5386-4, burning 2nd and 3rd family gases.

It is not applicable to cookers with integral boilers used to provide central heating, which are covered in BS 6798.

It is recognised that this standard might be referred to for the installation of gas cooking appliances conforming to standards other than BS EN 30-1-1, BS EN 30-1-2, BS EN 30-1-3 and BS EN 30-2-2, or BS 5386-3 or BS 5386-4. However, other criteria might also apply, such as surface temperatures, temperature rise of surroundings, appliance stability, etc., and these have to be taken into account in the method of installation.

NOTE 1 For the purposes of this standard, installation includes design, inspection and commissioning. It is recognized that each of these tasks can at times be performed by the same persons.

NOTE 2 As well as normally constructed dwellings, domestic premises include any permanently sited leisure accommodation vehicles, residential park homes and permanently moored boats. Particular and additional requirements exist for the supply of gas to these categories of premises and can be found in IGEM/G/6 [13]. Neither this standard nor IGEM/G/6 [13] applies to gas installations in towed or motorized caravans.

NOTE 3 Where domestic cooking appliances are installed in commercial or industrial premises in conjunction with catering appliances, reference should be made to BS 6173, particularly with regard to ventilation and extraction.

NOTE 4 For commercial premises that are primarily domestic premises, e.g. a small bed and breakfast premises, the general rules of BS 6173 do not apply except with respect to hygiene and general safety.

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