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Number:PAS 1192-6
Review published:27 Feb 2017
Review end date:28 Mar 2017
No. of comments:293
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Draft Scope:

This PAS specifies requirements for the collaborative sharing of structured health and safety information throughout the project life-cycle.

The PAS supports the development of structured health and safety (H&S) data for all projects progressively from the outset.

The PAS provides guidance on how H&S information is generated, flows and can be used throughout the project and asset lifecycle.  Whilst all H&S risk information can be included within an information model, this PAS requires the contextualization and filtering of hazards and risks to prioritize the significant risks.

The PAS sets out a model for the application of H&S data and information-use through BIM processes and applications. The principles and requirements of this PAS can be applied equally to non-BIM projects.

The PAS specifies how to use H&S information in order to:

a) provide a safer and healthier environment for end-users;

b) mitigate the inherent hazards and risks across the whole project lifecycle;

c) result in improved construction safety performance, less incidents and associated impacts;

d) provide for clearer, more assured and relevant health and safety information to the ‘right-people’ at the ‘right time’;

e) reduce construction and operational costs.

 The exchange and use of H&S information is intended to support:

1) representation of the nature and characteristics of the project, site and built asset;

2) representation of H&S hazards, risks and associated factors;

3) the generalization, dissemination and re-use of H&S knowledge and experience.

The PAS is applicable to individuals and organizations that contribute to and influence the definition of design, construction, operation (use) and end of life of a built asset.

This PAS does not define or change the duties set out in any relevant statutory provisions.

This PAS can be applied in conjunction with the duty holder’s own management systems policies and arrangements.   

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