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Number:BS 8610
Committee name:Personal Fall Protection
Review published:08 May 2017
Review end date:08 Jun 2017
No. of comments:47
Categories:Fall protection
Draft Scope:

This British Standard provides requirements and test methods for type testing anchor systems that are installed and tested in the base materials specified by the manufacturer for:

a) restraint systems;

b) fall arrest systems;

c) rope access systems;

d) work positioning systems;

e) rescue systems; and

f) evacuation systems.

This British Standard covers anchor systems intended for one or more users simultaneously and specifies the maximum number of users for each type of anchor system.

NOTE  Where the manufacturer intends to rate their anchor systems for more than the specified maximum number of users, it is recommended that they liaise with an appropriate test house, taking into account the principles of this British Standard and develop a test specification accordingly.

This British Standard is not applicable to:

1) equipment conforming to BS EN 516 or BS EN 517;

2) type C non-load-limiting anchor systems (see 3.3.2) for rope access and work positioning, rescue – accompanied descent and evacuation as they are considered not to be appropriate for such use; and

3) type A and type C load-limiting anchor systems (see 3.3.1 and 3.3.2) for rope access and work positioning, rescue – accompanied descent, rescue – remotely or self-operated – redirect attachment and evacuation, as they are considered not to be appropriate for such use.

This British Standard is intended for use by manufacturers, installers and users of anchor systems and also other interested parties, e.g. architects and structural engineers, including those responsible for the design of safe access and egress on buildings and structures.

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