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Number:BS 8300-2
Review published:13 Jun 2017
Review end date:13 Aug 2017
No. of comments:39
Draft Scope:

This part of BS 8300 gives recommendations for the design of buildings to accommodate users with the widest range of characteristics and capabilities. It applies to:

a) external features of the building or group of buildings, such as entrances, outward opening doors and windows, where they affect external access routes; and

NOTE 1 The recommendations in this part of BS 8300 mainly cover access within buildings. The standard also makes reference to design of some environments which might be either internal or external, such as some transport‑related buildings, but the main recommendations for design of external environments are given in BS 8300‑1.

b) interiors of buildings such as entrances and reception facilities, horizontal and vertical movement, and facilities in the building.

NOTE 2 The standard makes reference to egress in the event of fire or other emergency, but the main recommendations for means of escape are given in BS 9999 and BS 9991.

The recommendations given in this part of BS 8300 apply largely to new buildings, but can also be used when assessing the accessibility and usability of existing buildings and, where practicable, as a basis for their improvement. The extent to which the recommendations apply to listed and historic buildings is determined on a case‑by‑case basis.

This part of BS 8300 applies to a wide range of buildings such as:

1) transport buildings;

2) industrial buildings;

3) administrative and commercial buildings;

4) health and welfare buildings;

5) refreshment, entertainment and recreation buildings;

6) religious buildings and associated facilities;

7) educational, cultural and scientific buildings;

8) residential buildings;

9) temporary structures accessible to or usable by the general public.

This part of BS 8300 does not apply to individual dwellings or to residential buildings designed specifically to meet the requirements of severely disabled people.

NOTE 3 Individual dwellings are covered by BS 9266.

NOTE 4 This part of BS 8300 does not give recommendations for management and maintenance in occupied buildings, but a list of issues to be considered is given in Annex A.

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