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Number:PAS 280:2018
Review published:12 Mar 2018
Review end date:26 Mar 2018
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Draft Scope:

This PAS gives guidance on a common framework for through-life engineering services (TES). It includes planning for the full lifecycle of a major asset in order to meet the customer mission requirements. This PAS addresses TES for an asset across the full supply, operate and support chain (whole-life from concept to disposal) and at all tiers (end-to-end from tier one suppliers to SMEs). 

The framework provides guidance which individual enterprises involved in TES might use to both plan and support their own engineering business management activities. It also includes guidance for participants in the activities comprising delivery of a TES support system. The framework is designed to enable collaboration through a common vocabulary across the support chain to deliver the customer requirement of major assets.

The PAS outlines activities enacted at different points in a major asset’s lifecycle.

This PAS is for use by both providers and users of major assets, with particular emphasis on thought-leaders who might influence UK national prosperity.

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