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PAS 2030 Scope summary.

This revision of PAS 2030 specifies requirements for the installation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) in existing buildings (not new build) used for both dwelling and non‑dwelling purposes and is intended for use by entities undertaking the installation of any products and/or systems designed to improve the energy efficiency of such buildings. For dwellings, that design is required to be in compliance with PAS 2035 (currently in development and also released for review). For non-dwellings, requirements for the design remain as for the 2017 edition. This revision also extends the application of the specification to include the insulation of residential park homes, through the addition of measure specific annex B13.

As with previous editions, this PAS includes requirements in respect of installation processes, process management and service provision and includes criteria relating to installation methods, equipment, tools, product or system and material suitability, the commissioning of installed measures and the training, skills and vocational qualification of the people undertaking such installation. The PAS includes information provided to assist installers to fulfil their responsibility to ensure the effective co‑functioning of EEM installed in the same building.

This PAS consists of core requirements to be met by any entity claiming compliance with it, and normative measure-specific Annexes setting out supplementary requirements for each included measure type.

Claims of compliance with this PAS will be in respect of the processes and procedures employed and their application in the installation of EEM in any given building. Such claims do not reflect the quality or performance of the retrofit design, which will be the subject of claims of compliance with PAS 2035 or, for buildings other than dwellings, other assurances or guarantees provided by the design source.

This PAS requires claims of compliance to be in respect of the core requirements and all Annexes relevant to the measure installation undertaken by the claiming entity. The entity is also required to identify whether the claim is on the basis of self‑assessment, other party assessment or independent third‑party validation and to differentiate between installation undertaken on the basis of an installer provided EEM design and that undertaken in accordance with an EEM design provided by an independent third party.

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